8 Tips for Purchasing Your First Boat

Boats for sale by ownerThe following boat buyers advice is designed to make certain you are completely informed before you just jump into a boat because of some need you have to be on the water. Spending time with friends and family on the water has mass appeal, but it also comes with a significant amount of responsibility. Follow this boat buyers advice before you cut a check and your experience with your new water craft will be a long and happy one.

1. Make sure to spend some time out on the water with your friends who own a boat. Get a feel for what is involved in getting the boat in the water and really see if you can see yourself living this lifestyle. This isn’t a weekend whim, you really have to be committed to this lifestyle.

2. Prepare a list of costs you will incur because you may be in for a surprise. The cost of the boat is nothing compared to maintenance fees, insurance, fuel, repairs, storage, a trailer, permits, boating accessories, safety equipment, taxes, and parts.

3. Invest in going to at least one local boat show. Not only will you see the huge variety of boats available, you can pick the brains of all the attendees and make sure you are really set to become a boat owner for the long-haul.

4. Understand that different boats are designed to do different things on the water. Boats for fishing might not be good for partying, while party boats come in many different sizes that might be appropriate for a few people at best. Understand if your boat matches your needs first.

5. Shop around if you are ready to buy because just like car buying, one place may be more expensive than another. Consider getting a smaller boat than you originally wanted to save costs and make it easier to sell if you need to get out of the deal down the road.

6. Never pay full asking price even at the boat dealership. Check on listing sites that might have a boat for sale by owner. Like at a yard sale or car lot, the asking price is what the seller is hoping to get for the price. they understand negotiating is part of the game, so be prepared to fight for a price you feel comfortable with or walk away from the deal.

7. Take time to get some safety training before you buy a boat. You will be responsible for anyone on the boat. If the weather takes a turn or the boat experiences mechanical issues, you have to have a plan in place to care for anyone in a quick manner.

8. Consider storing your boat instead of trailing it back and forth to the house each trip. If the boat is parked at the marina, you and friends can hit the seas on a moments notice without having to trailer it back and forth each time. Consider the cost and the convenience.

These 8 tips on buyers your first boat will help you to get in the best position to make an informed buying decision that is right for you.